We go above and beyond

Eyes in the Sky brings together many years of professional expertise and unique perspectives for the creative development of business, government, not-for-profit clients, and individuals from Main Street to the national scene.

Drone technology offers powerful, innovative, and unlimited opportunities to improve everything from storm protection, real estate and agricultural development, insurance, education, security, and recovery of lost persons, to wondrous and inspirational photography.

Eyes in the Sky, its members, and operational staff, are dedicated to the safe, mandated guidelines and rules of FAA Part 107 unmanned remote pilot operations.

Scot and Denis White, a father-son team, work out of Florida and New York, respectively. Scot is a long-term resident of Venice, Florida, a Certified Master Home and Building Inspector. Denis has been a solutions development entrepreneur for the length of his career. They realized that a partnership bringing together their experience and knowledge in business, home inspection, and real estate drone piloting would maximize the benefit of each to their clients.

Scot has been flying as a Licensed FAA 107 Remote Pilot for over one year. Our initial primary flight operations and services are in the State of Florida.

All pilots are licensed FAA 107 Remote Pilots and maintain continuing education of all FAA study guidelines and regulations. All flight equipment is FAA registered and updated as required. All flight project processes are operated according to current FAA regulations.

We are excited to bring these significant, new, and constantly growing Drone viewpoints and their creative business developmental opportunities to the broad industrial and residential markets across the United States.

Denis E. White
Executive Director / FAA 107 Remote Drone Pilot
914.504.0333 Ext 101
Scot E. White
Licensed FAA 107 Drone Pilot / Aerial Photographer
941.499.7236 Ext 102